For 2-3 Families


15 Eggs

1kg Sugar

500ml Sunflower oil

2 packets 20gr of Ammoniac

3 packets of Paneangeli (found in Italian Delicatessen)

30 gr of grates lemon skin

2.7kg of Plain flower

100’s and 1000’s decorations.


Mix the 14 eggs, sugar, sunflower oil, ammoniac paneangeli and lemon skin in a bowl.  Be creative and design you plaits or circles. Make egg mix with one egg and 80ml of milk. Use this mix to paint over the cuzzupe before baking. This will bring a bright golden colour when baked. Also you can sprinkle some sugar on top of the 100,1000’s. Bake at 150c for 20 min. When you can see the golden colour remove from oven.