Gnocchi is one of the oldest and traditional family meals from Italy that is easy to prepare. It is a must go-to meal during winters. Even with simple ingredients, Gnocchi is very delicious and filling. Add an extra layer of sauce and parmesan cheese for an even more flavorful Gnocchi experience.

Recipe : 1kg Potato, 20g Parmesan Cheese, 10g Salt, 250g Plain Flour, 2 Eggs. For the Napoletana Sauce: 700g Passata/Tomato Sauce, 30g Onion, 6g Salt, and Basil. (Good for 4 to 5 people).

Simple Ideas, Tips and Hacks: 1. Work with the season. Whatever ingredients are in season, use them and turn them into delicious and healthy meals. 2. Use fresh ingredients. Even the simplest dish becomes flavorful and filling when the ingredients are fresh. By the way, our cooking classes involve young chefs so they can learn while having fun. With them around, before we start cooking, we clean the cooking place and prepare all the ingredients. As the cooking progresses, we make some mess but when all the ingredients are mixed and the dish is in the pan, that is the time we start tidying up the cooking place once more.