Lasagna is one of the oldest known kinds of pasta since Roman times. It is one of the most favourite meals, but did you know that there is a bit of difference in its preparation between the Southern and the Northern parts of Italy. While they put a lot of ingredients in the Northern part, Southerners prefer just the basic ingredients to enjoy the dish. Watch our video on how to prepare it. You can then create a Lasagna meal that suits your style and palate or you may place an order with us.

Recipe: Meatball 250g minced, 3g Salt, 18g Parmesan Cheese, 12g Bread Crumbs, 7g Parsley, 4g Garlic, 500g Fresh Lasagna sheets, 50g Parmesan, 30g Pepperoni, 165g Mozzarella, Mini meatballs (up to you). Cooking time 36 minutes at 200 degrees.

Cooking Tips & Ideas: 1. Get a good sauce as it sets the base 2. In our cooking lesson, we chose to use meatballs instead of bolognese because it is more flavorful.