Penne with artichokes is a quick and easy to prepare meal that is loaded with vitamins and health benefits. Artichoke is often considered a vegetable but is a type of plant, under the “thistle” group or flowering plant with leaves that have sharp prickles. It originated from Sicily, southern part of Italy. A fresh penne combined with fresh artichokes will not only fill your tummy but also fill your body with lots of vitamins and nutrients. And, for young kids who do not like eating vegetables, we cooked artichoke fritters for them during this cooking class. Watch how we easily prepared the fritters too and how the kids relished eating it.

Recipe: Penne 500g, Artichokes 5pcs, Garlic 2 cloves, Olive Oil 80 ml, Onion 40g, Salt 3g, Parsley 5g, Parmesan 40g (Cooks in about 5 minutes)

Simple Tips and Ideas: 1. Add a bit of water when you cook the artichokes in olive oil. (Check out the careful instructions within the video). 2. Soak the artichokes in water with lemon when you have cut them so they won’t turn black. 3. Artichoke fritters maybe taken as a snack, meal starter or picnic food.