Veal Mexicana is a power-packed meal that has protein, B vitamins, zinc and more. Veal which comes from young calves is of premium quality as Australia has one of the safest and cleanest dairy industries in the world. Veal Mexicana is easy to prepare and is great for takeaways. Discover the flavours and benefits of this meal when you prepare it at home or when you order from us. Watch our video on how to prepare it.

Recipe: Some of the ingredients are veal cutlets, onions, garlic, olives, olive oil, capsicum or bell pepper and salt.

Cooking Tips & Ideas: In our video presentation, we prepared the Veal Mexicana with a side dish of beans and breaded veal cutlets for the kids. This is to make mealtime more complete, suited for everyone on the table. You can opt for other side dishes like salad to go with Veal Mexicana.